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Beautiful Custom Stone Fountain for Any Style Landscaping

Garden Fountain
Fountains add beauty to your landscaping with their flow of water, which also adds music to your yard. While you can certainly buy a precast fountain and place it in your yard, a custom fountain will better integrate with the rest of your landscaping. Stone is a prime material for landscaping, and it fits surprisingly well with different styles.

Traditional Fountain

The traditional style is one of those that's hard to describe because it encompasses different sub-styles. In this case, traditional style landscaping takes its inspiration from manicured gardens in Europe and adds the utility of cottage gardening.
A traditional stone fountain will usually be combined with another element, often a wall. You may also see a mixture of cut stone and manufactured elements. For example, you might add plumbing to a stone retaining wall and fit the front with a cast fountain to hide the spout. In that way, you combine both utility and beauty, both hallmarks of traditional style.

Contemporary Fountain

Another design style that's hard to define is contemporary, which really just means what's popular now. However, one characteristic of contemporary design is a concentration on form over function. Therefore, you may see the item, in this case the fountain, deconstructed to its basic elements.
For instance, a contemporary fountain might feature elements of industrialism. So, you might see a pile of natural rocks in a cage, as if they're being transported from the quarry. However, the cage of rocks can contain the fountain plumbing, which then spills water into a concrete well. Such a fountain plays with the idea of stripping artifice away and creating a basic vessel for moving water.

Modern Fountain

Modern is often used interchangeably with contemporary, and the two styles do have a lot in common. However, modern style takes its inspiration from mid-century modern design. Therefore, you see both form and function as well as some warmth.
So, with a modern fountain, you might still want to emphasize form. However, instead of rocks in a cage, imagine stacked rocks in multiple tiers. Said tiers should be geometric to give you that modern feel. The water will flow from one tier to another.

Japanese Fountain

Surprisingly, Japanese landscaping is very similar to contemporary style in that it concentrates on the basic elements. However, the style also focuses on a connection with nature, which is more in keeping with the modern design. Natural materials, such as stone, are widely used in this landscaping style.
Japanese fountains are often very simple affairs. For example, you often see the plumbing exposed but encased in a natural material such as wood. Bamboo spouts are very popular for Japanese fountains. The water itself spills into a stone basin that's often surrounded by more stones. The goal of the fountain is to show the simplicity of a connection with nature.

Coastal Fountain

What does the coast have? Water, of course. Therefore, water is emphasized in the design style, especially in landscaping. This fact makes a water feature such as a fountain a centerpiece of the style. Other elements that are important to coastal style include a light, neutral palette and a reliance on lush plants for the landscaping.
For a custom stone fountain in the coastal style, you'll want to choose light, neutral-colored rocks. You may even opt for white. You'll have them stacked in curved tiers to emulate waves. You may even choose to replace some of the rock wall with heavy-duty glass to show off the water inside.
A key component of the coastal fountain is the surrounding landscaping. You'll want to choose a selection of lush, tropical plants such as palm, bird of paradise, and bamboo to serve as a backdrop.
Create beauty in your backyard by installing a custom stone fountain that fits your landscaping style. The Rock Garden has the stone materials you need for any hardscaping project.