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Full Stone

Elegant Stone Design in Tahoe

If you’re looking for a beautiful, unique look for your home or patio that is reflective of the environment we cherish, a full stone design may be right for you. Structures with a full stone exterior exude mountain sophistication and elegance. 

What Is Full Stone?

Full stone is a natural stone material that varies in size and dimension. They can be random and boulder-like forms or squares and rectangles with ledge forms. The stones can be small to large or use combinations of different sizes together. Tahoe and Truckee have some of the highest skilled masonry artisans with experience in applying many different stones. The experts at The Rock Garden will assist you to locate stone that meet the esthetic of your project. All stone that The Rock Garden supplies, for outdoor applications, has been purchased with the stones durability in mind for our intense free-thaw climate. Interior full stone can use just about any type of stone, but The Rock Garden carries stone that is most representative of the Tahoe community.
Full stone is suited for new construction, additions, remodels, landscapes, or just a one room change, such as updating a fireplace. In order to accommodate your style and preferences, we supply a large variety of different colors, textures and shapes of stone for your full stone project. Whether you’re looking for stone arrangements that are rustic or if you want a more modern look, we can give you what you’re looking for. Full stone is used for wainscoting on homes, for fireplaces, to wrap columns, for exterior and interior flooring and patios, and for landscaping. Visit our showroom and talk with our experts to learn more about how full stone can be used to give your project a unique style.
Sierra Moss 1″-3″ Random
Rocky Mountain 2″-4″ Granite
Bear River Granite
Bighorn Weathered Granite
Beaver Creek 2″-3″ Random
Beaver Creek Ledgestone
Gold Quartzite Ledgestone
Charcoal Quartzite Ledgestone
Selkirk Granite 3″-5″ Random
Sawtooth Granite Random
Sawtooth Granite
Squares & Rectangles
American Granite 1″-3″ Random
Autum Gold Ledge
Autumn Gold
Squares & Rectangles
Autumn Flame Ledge
Colton Creek Random
St. Regis Ledge
Stampede Random
Keystone Peak
Squares & Rectangles
Keystone Peak Random
Montana Bronze
Squares & Rectangles
Keystone Peak Ledge