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Patio & Flooring

Patio and Flooring Supplies in Truckee, California

When choosing a material for your patios and floors, you will want to choose something that is strong, long lasting and low maintenance, and still attractive. Stone is the perfect choice. Stone comes in a range of sizes, patterns and colors to complement its surroundings. It adds structure and blends with your existing home design or landscape and does so beautifully. Exterior patio stones are excellent for patios, pathways, around fire-pits, and to create welcoming outdoor living spaces. Stone is the backbone and structure of a landscape while also providing water conserving hardscape alternatives within that landscape. The Rock Garden has a wide selection of stone types, sizes and colors to choose from that will complement and enhance your home and garden. We also have the sand and other setting materials needed to complete your job. 

Why Choose Stone for Patios and Flooring?

Interior stone floors are durable and provide you with a mountain element that blends with all home design types. Whether you have a classic Tahoe cabin or a more modern resort-like setting, Stone flooring provides that uniquely “Tahoe-Truckee” feel. 
We can deliver both random and dimensional stone. ​Talk to our staff about what you envision for your floor or patio, and we’ll help you choose the best stone for the job.
Stampede Flagstone
Frontier Flagstone
Thompson Falls Flagstone
Rocky Mountain Charcoal Quartzite
Rocky Mountain Gold Quartzite
Rocky Mountain Silver Quartzite
Rocky Mountain Green Quartzite
Rocky Mountain Platinum Quartzite
Sierra White Flame Granite
Academy Black Flamed Granite
Iron Mountain Flagstone
Rocky Mountain Quartzite Silver
Rocky Mountain Quartzite Platinum