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Thin Veneer

Thin Veneer Stone

Thin veneer stone is real stone. It has just been precut for ease of application. It consists of natural stones that have been cut to a thickness of around 1 inch. They come in random as well as ledge forms. All thin veneers have flat backs and corners. It is very difficult to determine, from looking, the difference between installed full stone and thin veneer. Using thin veneer allows you to have both the beauty and durability of stone while still being able to install it in places that could not otherwise support the full weight of uncut stone, or in applications where you are looking to save a bit on labor costs. Most stone masons and tile masons are proficient in applying thin veneer stone.

Why Choose Thin Veneer Stone?

Veneer stone is quick and easy to install and has a wide variety of types to allow for versatility upon installation. 
In fact, most thin veneer projects can replace full stone projects, while still giving you the style and durability you’re going for. If you’re interested in looking into our thin veneer options, stop by our showroom or give us a call today!
American Granite
​Thin Veneer
South Bay Quartzite Mosaic
​Thin Veneer
1763 Granite Mosaidc
​Thin Veneer
McGregor Lake Ledgestone
Moose Mountain Ledgestone
Frontier Ledgestone
Montana Antique
Sawtooth Granite
​Granite Random
Autumn Gold
Black Pearl Micro Ledge Thin Veneer
Colton Creek Ledge Thin Veneer
Colton Creek Random Thin Veneer
KV Granite Thin Veneer
Ocean Pearl Natural Thin Veneer
Pacific Ahlar Thin Veneer
Rocky Mountain Granite Ledge Thin Veneer
Rocky Mountain Granite Random Thin Veneer
Rocky Mtn Honey Ledge Thin Veneer
Trinity Mountain Granite Thin Veneer